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The trend of coating the floor with a special paint to protect it from stains, dust, grease, acid, oil, water, special chemicals etc. has become more than a standard procedure nowadays.


Discovery & Re-discovering the different kind of floor coats have kept chemical manufacturing companies in tough competition to provide the unique & best in the market.


There is a wide product-line in floor coatings that can be tailored according to the floor needs & its use.

Talk of the products

Epoxy & Polyurethane are one of the two most widely chosen floor coats for industrial floorings, car parks, basements or even petrol bunk stations.


Epoxy & PU systems for floor come in a variety of colors

Why Coat the floor?

To make it look Stylish & decent at the same time. On the other hand, can be coated as Anti-Slip (for vehicle traffic, light or heavy), Smooth finish (for offices, small factories, manufacturing units etc.)



  1. Needs to be reapplied every couple years to maintain the beauty of the floor, as it cannot ‘auto-bond’ to the previous coat

  2. Hazardous while application. Hence, safety measures must be taken while applying.

  3. Cannot be applied on wooden floors.

  4. Highly Flammable

  5. Epoxy & PU have limitations to temperature, while there are other products to coat which can withhold extremes.

  6. Poor surface preparation can lead to patchy floor coats, hence surface preparation is a must to ensure perfect application of the coat. Tips: Floor hardness & It’s moistness should be checked for qualifying to coat the floor

  7. Incorrect composition can fail the floor coat terribly, hence experienced applicators be chosen for best results.

  8. And there could be more reasons, but for now these cover most of it.


  1. Durability

  2. Strength

  3. Saves Time

  4. Low Maintenance Cleaning

  5. Chemical Resistant

  6. Lowers vehicle maintenance

  7. Anti-slip, temperature resistant

  8. Maintains the floor and floor structure.

  9. & Many more advantages.

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