Technical Contracting

Raised Floor Installation


Our professional team do install all kind of raised floor including Bare Panel Steel Cementation, Calcium Sulphate, Wood Core,  Cable Management System with all kinds of covering including Carpet Tiles, Vinyl, Rubber, HPL, Ceramic, and Marble.

Our team is equiped with all the required tools to do the installation. 

Concrete Repair


We provide the following services:

  • Crack repair by injection of Epoxy

  • Concrete structural strengthening (walls, columns, ceiling)

  • Micro concrete jacket / Gunite

  • Carbon fiber


Concrete Polishing, Polished Concrete

Vinyl Floor Installation


Our professional team do install all kind of vinyl floors including  Anti-static, Conductive, Homogeneous, Heterogeneous Tiles and  Rolls



We provide the following services:

  • Substructure waterproofing

  • P.V.C - Bitumen Sheet –Liquid (Polyurethane –Bitumen – Polyuria)

  • Superstructure waterproofing

  • Wet area (Bitumen –Polyurethane – Cementations materials)

  • Roof waterproofing (Bitumen – Polyurethane – Cementations – Polyuria)

  • Roof – Combo System

  • Thermal insulation (polystyrene board – Spray Polyurethane)

  • Joint filling (Combiflex system – Mastic Sealant)

  • Water Leakage injection by Polyurethane material (Foam – Resin)

a. Basement

b. Water Tanks


Concrete Polishing


The general rule is to start the polishing process with a 50 grit diamond resin pad. When using the resin pads the steps may be 100, then 200, 400, 800, 1500 and finally 3000 grit.

Industrial Flooring Installation


We supply and install all kind of industrial flooring including:

  • Surface preparation for concrete

  • Grinding by using small, medium, big machine

  • Milling up to 50mm by scarifier machine

  • Removal (Epoxy, Polyurethane coating)

  • Epoxy flooring system

  • Epoxy paint for car parking

  • Epoxy self leveling (1.5 mm – 3 mm)

  • Epoxy Mortar (5 mm – 20 mm)

  • Road Marking

  • Cementations screed (10mm – 100mm)

  • Cementations Self leveling (5 mm – 100 mm)

  • Terrazzo Flooring System

  • Out Door Sport and play court flooring

Marble Polishing, Polished marble

Marble Polishing


Marble has been treasured for centuries for both its beauty and utility. It's a natural limestone that has been transformed, through heat, pressure and time, into a lovely and durable building material that is commonly used for flooring, counters, staircases, tables and fireplace mantels. Sturdy as it is, however, it is also very porous and stains easily.


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